The Trucker’s Psalm

Written by David Botham for our friend Pete Jones

The Lord is my co-driver, I shall not crash.

He maketh me to rest in safe car parks.

He navigates me along quiet by-roads.

He restoreth my nerves.

He routes me via the best ‘A’ roads.

Even though I drive down the valley of

the shadow of death (daily)

I will fear no evil, for He is beside me.

His warnings in the ‘nick of time’ and

Words of patient encouragement in long hold-ups

They comfort me.

You spread an all day breakfast before me

That turns the traffic wardens green with envy.

You fill my tank with fuel

You maintain me fully serviced and ready to go anywhere.

Surely angel outriders will escort me

Wherever I drive and when journeying is done

I will park up in heaven’s depot for ever.