Services and Events

The Ragged School is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and subscribes to their Basis of Faith

Regular services 

Sunday Service 6.30pm

  • This will not be a ‘normal’ service, as hymn singing is not possible, masks must be worn and social distancing maintained. If you are a visitor, please contact the chapel secretary, via this website, a few days before the service, so we can make sure that seating is available.

Safety Rules for Chapel meetings (to comply with government Covid19 orders) Thank you for your co-operation.

  1. Before you come in, put on your face mask. For the time being, going to church is like going to the shops. We will have masks available.
  2. One Way. When you arrive, come in as usual from the car park at the side of chapel but take turns to keep a safe distance apart and if you have to go out again before the end of the meeting, use the other door and walk round.
  3. We will not be giving out books but someone will be there, at a distance, to mark you off on a register. This is in case any of us find out later that we have been in contact with someone who has Covid19 so we can follow the “test & trace” and self-isolation rules if we ever have to. If you are not a member of the chapel, there will be a form to fill out before the service, so that we can keep your contact details.
  4. Sanitise your hands with the gel provided.
  5. If you use a chapel bible, keep it with you for the whole service. We would need to “quarantine” them afterwards like the library are doing by leaving them spread across the back tables for at least three days before returning them to the shelves.
  6. Go and sit down, keeping a couple of metres away from anyone not in your own household. If we each choose a black chair and keep at least three chairs empty between us it won’t be too much different from our normal layout. If we each keep to the same seat every week it will save having to sanitise the whole lot every time we meet. If we had to do that, we would need to limit ourselves to wipe clean plastic chairs which would be uncomfortable for us all.
  7. Don’t use the toilets unless you really have to. They should be sanitised between uses (seats, taps and handles). Better if we all remember to “go before we come”.
  8. Do use the collection boxes, front or back, one person at a time. Our treasurer doesn’t mind what form donations take but taking up a collection during the service would require a new box with a very long handle.
  9. When the service is over, stay in your seat until your name is called, use the hand sanitiser again and keep the one way and two metre rules in mind as you leave. Do not stop to chat to anyone inside the building.  As long as it is fine, we are still free to chat (at a safe distance) outside. Please leave the doors clear.
  10. Travel to and from the chapel must also comply with current guidelines. Cars can only be shared by people from the same household or support bubble, so lifts cannot be offered. If travelling by public transport, including taxis, face masks must be worn.