In 2002 Sue Botham started making banners, or wall hangings, for the Ragged School Chapel. This began with a ‘King of Kings’ banner, to form part of the tableau for the Procession of Witness in May 2002. Then Sue made a Christmas banner. Both of these banners were designed by David Botham:


In 2003 Sue made more banners, one for Easter and one for Pentecost.

Sue designed these banners, using clip art and lettering from her computer, and the others following them:

IMG_0362 IMG_0361

This banner was made for Chesterfield Mission Choir and used to go out to events in other churches with the choir:


This banner, made in 2004, was designed to be carried in the Procession of Witness through Chesterfield town centre:


These banners are now hung in the chapel at the Ragged School, except for the Christmas banner, which is stored until next Christmas:

IMG_0367   IMG_0368

In 2006, Sue made a Harvest banner: